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Alternate Side Street Parking

  A love story in four seasons.  


New York City can be complicated, especially when you own a car. On any given weekday on any city block, you can expect to see an assortment of New Yorkers, who sit double-parked in their cars anxiously awaiting the street cleaners. This phenomenon is known as alternate side street parking, and drivers pass the time in their cars by reading, listening to music or using their cell phones. But what if people got out of their cars and actually talked to each other? Well, on one city block in the West Village, two people's lives are about to be forever changed by doing exactly that. Jessica is a successful business owner, who has just moved to the neighborhood and met Steve, a writer and long time resident. Jessica is in a race to check everything off her to do list, while Steve is more content to sit back and take things one day at a time. Conflict? Yes. Attraction? Absolutely. Live, laugh and love with two people who discover when they stop parking and start talking, life is full of surprises.



The seed for Alternate Side Street Parking was actually planted years ago, before I ever thought of writing a play. The story dates back to when my then boyfriend would drive in from New Jersey to see me. He would inevitably have wait in his car until he could legally leave it on the street. He started to notice the same people over and over again, and would continually tell me how they were all involved in some activity -- reading, talking on the phone, listening to music, etc. What was missing was their interaction.


I began to wonder what would happen if these people actually got out of their cars and talked to one another. Alternate Side Street Parking explores that very possibility through two people who discover that connections can be made under the most random of circumstances. Alternate Side Street Parking debuted at the HERE Arts Center in NYC as part of the 2009 Downtown Urban Theater Festival.

Artwork by Breht Boone

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