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Connection 365



Can you believe I talked to a DIFFERENT person EVERY SINGLE DAY in 2021 over Zoom? (I almost can’t.) No help from social media posts to find connections... just my own blood, sweat and tears (and of course good old fashioned word of mouth). I am overwhelmed and proud, as I look at this collage and absorb the knowledge that I actually DID IT. No days off. Connections once a day, every day for the ENTIRE YEAR. Whoa! What a journey it’s been. 

ALL SEVEN CONTINENTS (yes I got Antarctica), 31 states and a multitude of fantastic humans—some friends, some strangers and everyone in between.

 It wasn’t easy, but I think for the rest of my life it will be one of the most memorable years I’ve ever had and certainly the most unique. During a time in the world where the temptation to shutdown was so great, I took the opposite approach. I started opening UP. And what I discovered through my interactions with others was wonderful—mainly that connection IS possible, even under the most dire of circumstances. My life has been changed in ways that I’m still trying to understand and I will be forever grateful that I pushed myself to embark on this journey of connection. Now, there’s only one thing left to do—WRITE THE BOOK!


Stay tuned for more updates!

Day 1

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