Making Moves


It's never too late to get to know your roommate...even after you've already been kicked out of the apartment! Take Dawn and Nicole - two strangers who share the same address, but come from different worlds. Dawn is an advertising exec who relies on her intuition and gut, while Nicole is a psychology grad student who prefers analysis and checklists. When Dawn asks Nicole to move out via a note on their blackboard, a chain of events is suddenly set into motion that neither could have predicted. Worlds collide, moves are made and lives are changed. See what happens when two people are forced to confront themselves, their relationships and an overweight cat with an anxiety disorder.


As a sublet-survivor, I learned first hand what life in an apartment is like when you're not on the lease. There are rules you have to follow, schedules you have to obey and personalities you have to tolerate—and if you can’t, you have eight weeks to find somewhere else to live. At least, that’s the agreement I signed with my roommate at the time. I started thinking about what other people go through with their roommates, whether it’s in a sublet situation or otherwise. Telling a story about what happens behind closed doors between two people who aren’t friends or linked by blood ties or a romantic passion resonated strongly with me. Making Moves follows two roommates who are strangers that suddenly make each other aware of themselves and their relationships. Ultimately, both learn the freedom that comes from owning one's faults. Making Moves premiered at The Theater for the New City as part of the 2010 Downtown Urban Theater Festival.

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Making Moves

Downtown Urban Theater Festival, Theater for the New City Photo credit: Brent Watkins