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November 2022


My grandfather spent many years in an assisted living facility, and I have such a heart for home health caregivers. So, it was a special honor to be cast in a Visiting Angels commercial. I am truly grateful to Roger Tully Productions and Hilary Greer at HGB Casting for giving me this wonderful opportunity. I had a blast with everyone involved, and filming in a historic house from the 1700s was super cool too! Check out the spot as well as behind-the-scene photos!


September 2022


Part TWO of No Place Is Home! Weather delayed the final day of our shoot in August, but the weather on our last shoot day couldn't have been more glorious and sunny. I was thrilled to have Brian Ourien of the Bowery Mission visit us on set, and he generously took photos to document our last day. Five percent of the fundraising proceeds for the film were designated for the Bowery, and it was an honor to present him with an $1100 check! Take a peek at more photos from our fourth shoot day!

IMG_6867 2.HEIC


Much gratitude to Skyline Indie Fest, for including Pillow Talk in their 2022 lineup! And for also inviting me and my fellow director/producer Giulia Aguiar to be a part of their podcast, Pulling Focus.

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Skyline Indie Film Fest - 2022-3.png
Screen Shot 2022-08-25 at 12.00.55 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-10-15 at 11.23.40 PM.png

August 2022


ACTION! Making movies is a whirlwind, but it's worth every single dizzy spell! It takes a village, and I'm so grateful to all of the "villagers" who helped pull No Place Is Home together. Day four of the shoot to come in September... check out the photos from our shoot in the slide gallery below!

NoPlaceIsHome_Leap Website_Landscape.png

June 2022


Time to make another movie! And one that's been two years in the making. Fundraising is hard, but it's made infinitely easier when you're passionate about the subject matter. "No Place Is Home" tells the story of a random encounter between a homeless woman and a homeschooled teen, who share a sandwich in the woods and talk about the meaning of home. Check out the fundraising video here, complete with an amazing song "Be Somebody" written by Giulia Aguiar:

May 2022


Thank you to the Love Wins International Film Festival for including "Pillow Talk" in their program!

Screen Shot 2022-05-11 at 11.47.37 AM.png

April 2022


Very happy to get Honorable Mention on my script "She/Hero" as well as my film "Pillow Talk" at the Big Apple Film Festival!

Big Apple.gif
Big Apple 3.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Big Apple Film Festival and Screenplay Competition - 2022.png

March 2022


I was so proud to premiere my film "Pillow Talk" at the Garden State Film Festival! What an amazing weekend it was, filled with fun times and fabulous people. It was especially thrilling to have so many friends from elementary school all the way up to adulthood, as well as my family with me to celebrate this wonderful moment in my life.


February 2022


So fun to do an interview for Pillow Talk's upcoming premiere at the Garden State Film Festival. I was so happy to have my editor (Giulia Aguiar), director (Nate Smith) and producer/casting director (Tessa Faye Mosier) with me. Asbury Park, here we come!

Screen Shot 2022-02-04 at 2.04.25 PM.png

January 2022


I'm so grateful to the Sundance Collab, for giving me community at a time when I really needed it. I've collaborated with a wonderful group of artists, and here is one of my results... my superhero procedural pilot She/Hero. Thank you to Pitch Now, for selecting me as a quarter-finalist in their screenplay competition. I'm looking forward to seeing where my story goes next!

Pitch Now Low.gif

December 2021


I'm super proud to be a member of the New York Choir Project, especially since we get to sing Britpop and Nirvana! It was so amazing to once again perform IN PERSON at Greenwood Park in Brooklyn. Check out a snippet from our White Stripes/Nirvana/Eurythmics mashup in the video below!



I'm so thrilled my short film Pillow Talk was accepted to the Garden State Film Festival! The film will be debuting at Asbury Hall at the the Asbury Hotel in Asbury Park, NJ in March. Purchase your tickets here

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Garden State Film Festival - 2022.png
Garden State Film Festival.gif


BOOM! One year ago, I had an idea... I wanted to talk to a different person EVERY SINGLE DAY in 2021. And hence, “CONNECTION 365” was born. I am overwhelmed and proud, as I look at this collage and absorb the knowledge that I actually DID IT. No days off. Connections once a day, every day for the ENTIRE YEAR. Whoa! What a journey it’s been. ALL SEVEN CONTINENTS (yes I got Antarctica), 31 states and a multitude of fantastic humans—some friends, some strangers and everyone in between. I’ve learned so much about humanity from the stories shared with me, and I will treasure the time I spent with each and every one of my connections for the rest of my life. Guess I have to write the book now!


November 2021


So happy when Grace Day asked me to do a cameo in her film Retreat! And the fact that I got to improvise a monologue as a crazy cult member was even better. So excited for this opportunity, and I can't wait to see the movie when it's complete!


September 2021


Thank you to Scriptapalooza, for selecting my very first feature screenplay "on the rocks" as a Quarterfinalist in their screenwriting contest. The script is based on the play of the same name (and is very near and dear to my heart). 


August 2021


Lights, Camera, Action! It was the thrill of a lifetime to shoot my first short film, "Pillow Talk" with the beloved Karen Lynn Gorney (of "Saturday Night Fever" fame) as my "Ma". It was a fun (and safe) day on set, and I am so grateful to my long time friend/director, Nate Smith, my producer, Tessa Faye of Tessa Faye Talent, LLC and my pre-production assistant and editor, Giulia Aguiar. Thank you to the rest of the crew and production team for making this film a reality! Coming to a festival near you in 2022 (fingers crossed)!

65194642202__844FD356-6E16-4C97-A8E5-F8F39A731E28 2.HEIC


Thank you to the Creative World Awards Screenwriting Competition for selecting "No Place As Home" as a quarter finalist!

CWA Semifinalists2.jpg


It was an absolute honor to play "Mom" in the new podcast "Dry Run", based on the amazing memoir of the same name, written by the ever versatile Nikki MacCallum. The entire podcast can be found on Apple podcasts here.

Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 8.47.11 PM.png

July 2021


Who doesn't like to put on your Sunday best--even if it's a Wednesday? It was an honor to be included in the wrap party for "Killington", a new horror film starring Sophie Sumner. I think I clean up pretty good!

IMG_6818 2.HEIC
IMG_6771 2.HEIC
IMG_6768 2.HEIC
IMG_6769 2.HEIC

May 2021


Nothing beats being honored in your hometown. So excited to be a semifinalist in the Big Apple Film Festival!

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Big Apple Film Festival and Screenplay Competition - 2021.png


So as the winter doldrums set in, I broke out... into SONG! It was so fun being part of the New York Choir Project, brought to you courtesy of Zoom!  It was so fun reconnecting with my musical theater roots, and I hope more singing is in my future! Special thanks to Charlie Adams and Christin Marks for making me feel so welcome!

April 2021


I was over the moon when Justy Kosek not only selected my play "Alternate Side Street Parking" for his podcast series, "More Than Roses", but that it would encompass two episodes in the series. I cannot express how incredible it is to have your story translated from one medium to another in such a wonderfully seamless way through Justy's efforts. The entire series can be heard on Apple Podcasts, and you can check out episode one right here!

Screen Shot 2021-04-10 at 11.36.29

March 2021


Spring has always been a time of new beginnings for me, and this was the perfect way to start off the season of rebirth and renewal. Thank you so much to the Fade In Awards for this honor!

Fade In.gif
SEMI FINALIST - Fade In Awards Short Fil

February 2021

What a wonderful surprise to alleviate the winter doldrums! Thanks to the Toronto Independent Film Festival of Cift for selecting "No Place Is Home" as the Best Unproduced Script!

TIFF as CIFT.gif
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Toronto Independent Film Festival of Cift - 2021.png

January 2021

It's a new year and what better way to kick things off than with another spooky podcast by the ever talented Joel Austin? I was so happy to be reunited with Joel and so many other talented artists on this project. And the best part was playing a pack-a-day chain smoking psychic! Check out the first episode of six here.


December 2020

Sometimes it can be a drag to have a birthday on the last day of the year, i.e. New Year's Eve. But when something like this arrives in your inbox the day before, then the only option is to rejoice and celebrate! Happy birthday to me!


November 2020

They say a picture is worth a thousand words... and I couldn't agree more!

Large GIF (1158x648).gif

So yeah... that happened. Back in May, I announced that I completed my first short film, "No Place Is Home", and this was an amazing next step. Plans to shoot the film sometime in 2021 are in the works so stay tuned!

October 2020

It's time for some Hocus Pocus! Wait... not sure you believe in witches? You're in good company then, because their existence is  something that's been questioned since the Salem Witch Trials in the late 1600s. In the podcast "Salem's Ghosts", these trials come to life in the most eerie of ways. I had the good fortune of playing Martha Corey, a real life woman who was accused of being a witch. It was a blast to play a 70 year old woman, and I am so grateful to Joel Austin for writing such beautiful dialogue and allowing me to bring it to life! You can check out the podcast HERE:


August 2020

The world has been thrown into chaos by a string of attacks and one news source wants to get to the bottom of it. Enter Rogue Waves. I was thrilled to play a reporter in this very inventive and original new podcast. Thank you to Bryan Mittelstadt for making me a part of it! Check out episode 1 here:

IMG_4F4FB59EFB7B-1 2.jpeg
Screen Shot 2020-09-22 at 8.44.54 PM.png

July 2020

Never have I said "Technology is our friend" as often as I have in 2020! Truth be told, I'm a HUGE fan of technology, but this year I have developed an even deeper appreciation for how much it can help sustain some sense of normalcy in trying times. Besides doing countless voiceover auditions, I've been part of some pretty darn terrific readings and podcasts... all done remotely. Thank you, Zoom! And thank you to Erin Dahl, for casting me in her terrific new play "Death In Autumn". Nothing reunites a dysfunctional family more than the death of its matriarch! And lucky for me, I was one of those family members, who got to do a monologue written completely in ALL CAPS. (Yes I said ALL CAPS.) Erin perfectly balanced humor with heart, which have always been my favorite stories to bring to life. It was an incredible cast and an equally incredible evening.

Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 2.30.55 PM.png

My amazing castmates!!!

Why yes that is me mid ALL CAPS monologue... I'm such a bad ass, that I'm not even talking to my castmate below me and he's STILL scared.


Imagine if Trump had been on the Titanic? Even if that's something you don't wanna do (and I don't blame you), I'm sure glad the brilliant Grace Day thought of it! "As Seen On" is a fabulous new podcast that explores tropes in literature and film. Enter Trump's predecessor, Sir Cosmo Duff-Gordon, and boy do he and I have it out while I am voicing the feisty Unsinkable Molly Brown. It was an honor to be a part of this episode and play such a beloved woman in American history! Check out the episode here

As Seen On.png

May 2020

When everything went down in March, I went to work... writing my first short film. Enter D.B. Gilles, my writing coach extraordinaire, who happens to be a screenwriting professor at NYU. It was wonderful to spend the beginning of quarantine with this amazing man via Skype, developing a story I had wanted to write for a very long time. Most importantly, it felt good to be positive during a very bleak time in the world. "No Place Is Home" tells the tale of a random encounter in the woods between a teenage boy and a homeless woman, who share a sandwich and explore the true meaning of home. 

Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 1.35.28 PM.JPG
Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 1.39.13 PM.JPG

That's me and D.B., hard at work over Skype!

April 2020

Back in February, I did this thing... and here it is. Yes, I booked my very first TV audition for CBS' God Friended Me, which finally aired in April. It was an amazing experience and I met some wonderful people along the way. Thank you to Andreadis Talent Agency for your faith and support!


January 2020

What a joyous new year it is, when you're already cast in a show! I'm happy to announce "Girl Gone: Or Before A League Of Their Own" is coming back to the Actors Temple in February. The show kicks back into action on February 8th at 3:00 p.m., and runs every Saturday thereafter through March 7th. Tickets can be purchased by clicking HERE:

November 2019

Baseball has been a part of my family for as long as I can remember. So imagine my delight to be cast in a play about an all-female baseball team written by the very talented Layon Gray. Set in the 1940s, it's anyone's guess whether the real drama is on or OFF the field. I play a hard-nosed businesswoman who is intent on making sure my team's exhibition game happens... no matter what. "Girl Gone: Or Before A League Of Their Own" opens on Saturday, November 30th at the Actors Temple and tickets can be purchased by clicking HERE:

Girl Gone flyer.JPG


A mother always knows what's best for her child... even if what's best is for her son to shave! And so begins the dilemma of the film "Stache". David just wants to go on a movie date. So does his mom (played by yours truly) but not before he shaves. He reluctantly agrees, and let's just say the end result is not what David expected. It was a fun day on set and I'm grateful to Jared Gilman for the opportunity to play this super fun woman!


So nice to reconnect with Ben - the camera man on "Steve's Laptop"!

October 2019

I've always been fascinated by communication... how people communicate (or don't). And in a world where it's never been so easy to communicate--whether through texts, emails, phone, video, letters, etc--no one seems to be talking. In February of 2017, I assembled three other writers--Matt Clemons, Keith Manning and Suzanne Cerreta--to explore this issue and to collaborate on a theatrical piece. Four writers, four vignettes--linked together by a common theme-- and culminating in a final scene with all the plot lines converging. And thus, the "blackout play" was born. Set in a small town in the Midwest during a blackout, it was an absolute labor of love to develop our storyThere were stops and starts along the way, but through the process, we all grew as individuals and as a group. Two and a half plus years later, I am so proud of the very first reading of our play. Look out for "That One Night In Riverside". It's DEFINITELY coming your way!


Best motley crew ever! So grateful to my fellow writers and these wonderful actors for lending their talents to our piece. Special thanks to our fearless leader in the gold jacket, Ms. Tessa Faye!


Me and the actors (Sam Strasfeld, Ricky DeRosa and Elya Yerulshamy) who brought my story to life!


Me and my writing partners-in-crime! (From left to right, Matt Clemons, Suzanne Cerreta, me, Keith Manning)


My awesome coach, Tessa Faye, with my cast!

July 2019

I am excited to be headed to Washington D.C. to reprise my roles (Marmee/Aunt March/Abigail Alcott) in "meg, jo, amy, beth & louisa", as part of the Capital Fringe Festival. I am equally excited to be doing some singing and dancing in the show. (I am a "sometimes" singer, after all!) The play runs July 16th-24th at the Honey Venue - Christ United Methodist Church and tickets can be purchased here.

Rehearsal photo.jpg
meg, jo, amy, beth & louisa
meg, jo, amy, beth & louisa
meg, jo, amy, beth & louisa
meg, jo, amy, beth & louisa

June 2019

What do you do when you get a bunch of Italians together? No, the answer isn't to cook pasta. (Truth be told, we did eat pizza and pasta salad during our lunch break, however.) When you're an actor, you record a radio play about an Italian mobster! Matthew Falber created a wonderful story about the notorious mobster Joseph Gallo, who was murdered at Umberto's Clam House on his birthday no less... talk about the worst birthday ever! I play Joseph's sister, Carmella, who is devastated when her "Joey" gets shot. Check out "The Death of Joe Gallo" on YouTube on the City Boy Channel


April 2019

Technology can be your best friend... or your worst enemy. Welcome to "Steve's Laptop," where it is clearly a case of the latter. When an acting student borrows a laptop from his classmate to use in a scene, chaos soon ensues. I play the teacher who instead of trying to control the situation, tells my student to go even further. As John Patrick Shanley once said, "Theatre is the safe place to do the unsafe things that need to be done." Oh, that poor laptop!

Screen Shot 2019-05-05 at 11.30.31 PM_ed
Screen Shot 2019-05-05 at 11.42.11
Screen Shot 2019-05-05 at 11.34.49
Screen Shot 2019-05-05 at 11.36.49 PM_ed

March 2019

I am proud to announce I am part of an incredibly inventive and original new play, "meg jo beth amy and louisa". Recognize those names? You should. They are the names of the sisters and author of "Little Women". But don't expect an ordinary adaptation. Nothing about this show is going to be ordinary! And I get to play three roles... one of my favorite things to do! The show runs April 24th - May 4th. Stay tuned for more photos and news. Get your tickets here:


Artwork by Margaret Gorrell


February 2019

"The Van" is on the road again and you'll have to tune in yourself to see where we all end up.  It was so fun to resume the villainous role of "Nova Scotia". Wanna know WHY she's a villain? Check out the show and find out! Listen to all the current episodes on the Whalebus Podcast Channel. 


Me and our van leader, Emma Mantoani!


Out of the "van", we are one big happy family!

December 2018

What if your parents couldn't accept you for who you are or who you love? It was a wonderful acting challenge to play a mother who couldn't accept her own daughter... even in death. I am truly grateful to Andrea Nappi for creating this very moving story and allowing me to bring the character of Laura to life. 


November 2018

Happy Thanksgiving, all! Nothing helps me overcome a turkey coma better than a good recording session! It was so fun to reunite with the cast of "The Van", and continue the storylines we began over the summer. More episodes are to come! Check out "The Van" on the Whalebus podcast channel! Ummmm, and how AMAZING are the renderings below? In a podcast, you truly CAN be anything... and that includes being a tall-skinny-sexy-cigarette-toting mama. Thank you to Hannah Smart for her brilliant artwork!

IMG_1337 2.JPG

Love my podcast family!



What if we lived in a world where machines made all our decisions for us? Welcome to "Eve", a story set in a world where a machine spits out statistics to help guide you in your decision making. I play a mother who is desperately trying to save her daughter, Eve, from being reprogrammed by this all knowing machine. It was super fun to be a part of this very inventive radio play and thank you to Danielle Fuller for allowing me to be a part of it!



What if you only had two hours to make a movie? Well I can tell you... you come ready for action. "Deadline", a new film by Sophie Worscheh, is a poignant story which follows a brother and sister coping with the death of their father and the deadline that stands between them. It was a gift to work on such a beautiful script and bring these characters to life. Thank you to Kyle Minshew for being a great "brother" and Sophie Worscheh for her insights as a director.


Kyle Minshew and our director, Sophie Worscheh

October 2018


After all the doctor visits I've had over the years, it was great to finally put that experience to work in this commercial. I loved playing a heart patient. For what medication, I cannot say, but it was a great shoot and everyone involved was wonderful. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product!


Our fearless leader aka the director.


I'm clearly in "hurry up and wait" mode.

We have the perfect doctor-patient


September 2018

September may make some of us think of back to school sales, but for me, it means VACATION time. And what better time than a vacation to self-produce your own travel show, with your very own mother as your costar? It was a blast making "The Jewoppy and the Jew", a 16 episode compilation of a Jewish mother and her Jewish-Italian daughter cruising through the Mediterranean. There are videos from all of our destinations as well as photo highlights and of course, bloopers. Check out the video here:

August 2018

When filming a commercial, being in a beautiful setting is the icing on the cake. It was fun to be back in my old stomping grounds and see how much the financial district has changed. I can't say who the commercial is for, but stay tuned for more updates as to when and where you can check it out!


July 2018


It's hard to believe there was a time when people gathered around the radio to listen to shows like the "Lone Ranger" or the "Green Lantern". These days we're all busy streaming Netflix or Hulu on our flat screen t.v.'s. But for those of us that want to return to the days of yesteryear, we need only click on the Whale Bus podcast channel to experience good storytelling (with our ears only). And I LOVE it! So imagine my excitement at being offered the opportunity to originate a role in the upcoming new radio drama, "The Van", created by Emma Mantoani. The plot is top secret, but I guess I can tell you it involves a van. I had a blast recording the first four episodes with some super talented actors. Look out for it this fall!

the van_banner center.png


My dad's first language was Italian. So when the chance came to play the matriarch of a big Italian family in a film produced by a female-led team, I lept at the opportunity! In "Naan Conforming", when my daughter tells me she wants to bring her girlfriend home to meet me, I do what any good Italian mama would do... I invite the whole family over for some delicious lasagna! (And much hilarity ensues.) I loved working with such a fabulous ensemble of actors, who had a great time creating a genuine family dinner and after dinner fight. And having my beloved shih tzu Boogie make a cameo in the film was just the icing on the cake. Thank you to writer/director Meredith Yannuzzi, whose generosity allowed the cast the freedom to play and explore their characters. Thank you also to the entire crew for their hard work, talent and infinite patience! And yes, we ate the lasagna and it truly was delish!

Our fearless leader (and my fictional daughter)!

Something tells me my daughter's girlfriend doesn't like meat.

The cast and crew, who quickly became a family.

Me and my brother Giorgio are proud of our family's secret recipe for lasagna.

Boogie got his shot in one take. What a natural!

There's something about the clapperboard that makes me happy!


From Italian matriarch to Jewish mother in a matter of days... literally. Lucky for me, my Italian father came with a Jewish mother. And I know from experience that every once in a while, a Jewish mother needs to kick some butt when it comes to her kid, especially when that kid doesn't want to get a job! And hence begins the journey of "East Hills", a summer camp where said Jewish mother has decided her son should work. I had so much fun playing a loving yet sassy Jewish mother who just wants her teenager to do something productive with his summer! Thank you to writer Dustin Nadel for creating such a great role (and being a mensch of a Jewish son) and co-directors Scott Mulligan and Peter Morgan for their creative vision. Oh, and it was super awesome to be a stunt driver who gets to put the pedal to the metal and peel out of the parking lot in my character's SUV!

My Jewish son... at least on film!

June 2018

Movie magic is real, especially when it entails aging 15 years in a matter of minutes! Working on the feature film "Stronger Than Pretty" meant such a great deal to me, as an actress and a person. A story that speaks out against domestic violence is an incredibly moving thing to be a part of. Meeting some of the real people behind this wonderful film was the icing on the cake to a "magical" day. (And playing a sassy waitress wasn't bad either... kind of like real life!)

Shirley temples anyone?

Truly blessed to have worked with this man - the very talented Jaret Martino.

May 2018

I'm thrilled to announce I've been cast in the feature film, "Stronger Than Pretty." The film made the rounds as a short in last year's festival circuit and was a standout in the Indie Lounge at Sundance. Thanks to all the buzz, the film is being made into a feature and I'm honored to be a part of it! The film speaks out against domestic violence and is partnered with the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Speaking of which, fundraising is underway and you can make your tax deductible donation by clicking here

April 2018

Ever play dead? I did, in the film aptly titled "How To Bring Your Mother Back From The Dead". It was literally a how-to instruction guide to bringing your mother back to life. It's the closest I've gotten to being a zombie and I had loads of fun! Thank you to Emma Mantoani for giving me the chance to be ghoulish.


No mother ever wants to be a receiver of care from their own child. But that's exactly what happens in the film, "Opia", where I play a character so devastated by loss that she needs her daughter's emotional support to keep going. I am grateful to Giulia Aguiar for allowing me to portray this role in a very poignant film.

March 2018

Are you a "midnight toker"? Neither am I, but I kinda played one in a marketing video for a medical cannabis vaporizer. It's a super cool device that enables patients suffering from cancer and other illnesses to control their dosage with the help of an app on their smartphone. I was super proud to be part of something that will bring comfort to people in need. Thank you to Chipotle Films for making me a part of this important project.

February 2018

Isn't there an expression about going south for the winter? Well I did. I escaped the brutal cold of NYC to work with the wonderful City Theatre of Miami. They produce short plays and have done so for over 20 years. What would've happened if the Wicked Witch of the East didn't die when the house fell on her in the "Wizard of Oz"? What if the Virgin Mary had an overprotective Jewish mother who made a kickass brisket? These are just a couple of the fun storylines the cast got to bring to life (I played the Wicked Witch and the overprotective Jewish mother in case you were wondering.) I was privileged to work with such amazingly talented actors and directors. We became a family, and I will always treasure the time we spent together.

January 2018

Art has a way of connecting people who on the surface don't have anything in common. Enter the film "Tableaux", whose story unfolds through a series of vignettes surrounding one painting in an art museum and how it effects the people looking at it. I play Maria, a woman who is more interested in the painting than the man she came to see it with! Thanks to Wyatt D'Emilia and the whole cast and crew for a really amazing experience. I particularly loved being on set when the director called, "It's a wrap!"

December 2017

Social media is a blessing and a curse, and should certainly never be used to write your school papers! Thanks to Max Novick for letting me do the voiceover for his spec commercial for Pro Publica, where honesty is always the best policy. 

November 2017

In my movie, I'd be a badass mom who comes to save her daughter from would-be bank robbers. In the film the "Score", however, I played an everyday mom who just wants to borrow some milk from her neighbors (aka the would-be bank robbers). Acting is full of never-did-that-in-real-life moments, and lucky for me, a door opening to a gun pointed in my face is one of those moments. Let's keep that experience to the movies! Thanks to director Andrew Grell and the entire cast and crew for allowing me to be part of this darkly funny heist!

Dreaming of being a badass mom. Sigh.


"That's not a hamster in your soup. It's a guinea pig," said no one. EVER. Until now. Art imitated life with my role as a server in the film "Guinea Pig". It was awesome playing a jaded waiter who is just hoping to get through her shift with as few problems as possible. Too bad a potentially poisoned guinea pig in her customer's soup is ruining things for her! 


October 2017

It was a true joy working with director/writer Tim Mojica on his film, "The Egg", where a man is caught between death... and whatever comes next. I played the wife, who got to spend a wonderful day in the park with my children before telling them what happened to their dad. Gulp. Thank you to the cast and crew for a great day!

Sept 2017

I love supporting fellow writers... especially when the writer is also my friend. It filled me with great pride to be part of the reading of Roschaad Milner's first play, "On The Ropes", about an ex-boxer and all the skeletons coming out of his closet upon the release of his son from jail. I played the wife, and it's an amazing role, full of heart and passion. I can't wait to see where this play goes next, and hope I can continue to be a part of it! 

July 2017

I had the unique and unusual opportunity to play a Christian mom who is devastated upon discovering her daughter makes porn movies and her son "watches" them. You know, just your average American family! Tears were shed, but they were all for the love of the art. Thanks to Director/Writer Luis Hernandez as well as the cast and crew for being so awesome and fun to work with!

June 2017

I feel grateful to have been part of a very special short film, "Trichotillomania", written and directed by NYU student Maeve Peebles. And I was happy to discover my surrogate child for the day, Siena Corrigan, hails from Bergen County, NJ... just like me!


I had the honor of playing the role of Judith in "Jamaica, or The Bastards of Montego Bay" by Jeffrey James Keyes as part of The Playwriting Collective's Reading series. Once again, I played a Midwestern woman, and it was truly moving to be involved with such a thought provoking piece.


I was fortunate to be part of an exciting new pilot about the Biotech industry, written and directed by Misha Calvert. That's me playing Gloria, the COO of the company! And there I am again, in a candid with the lovely Misha. It was a great day full of great people. Thank goodness the AC worked because it was a scorcher outside!

May 2017

I just completed an incredible On-Camera Intensive taught by the brilliantly talented Amy Gossels of Amy Gossels Casting. 

Here I am with my classmates. It was truly a supportive and encouraging environment, where everyone grew with each and every class. I gained invaluable knowledge about the industry as well as enlightening insights to enhance my on-camera presence. As you can see, we became one big happy family! Heartfelt thanks to Amy for her sharp eye and kind heart! 


I had a blast playing a sassy Soccer mom named Charla in Matt Clemons' "Farce This!", made up of two one acts, "I Heart Soccer Moms" and "I Hate You People" at the Matthew Corozine Studio Theatre. The entire cast had a ball with the audience and one another.  Here are some fun shots of all of us!


I am excited to be part of the very talented Matt Clemons' one-act, I      Soccer Moms, part of Farce This! (Yes, I am playing a Soccer mom.) Come on down and have a fun evening of risqué entertainment. Tickets can be found here:


I am thrilled to be participating in Line Break #7 on Saturday, May 6th, where I will be reading from my blog the Jewoppy! Line Break is the eclectic monthly live literary magazine where poetry meets prose, fact meets fiction, and high-brow meets low-brow, at fabulous Q.E.D. in Astoria, Queens! Come on down and listen, laugh and have a drink. Check me out here:

April 2017

On April 30th, I hosted a night of original monologues at the Matthew Corozine Studio Theatre as part of the MCS Writers Collective. The theme of the monologues was nightmares and the line, "What a wicked place to find myself" had to be incorporated into each piece. 16 writers and 16 actors participated and the diversity of the monologues made for a very entertaining evening. My monologue was about a kleptomaniac who wound up in Room 140 aka Macy's Jail (yes it's a real thing)!

Lindsay Nolin, performing my monologue, "All I Want For Christmas".

The whole crew from monologue night, after the show. We had so much fun and I'm grateful to be associated with so many wonderful artists, who are creating original work!

March 2017

After making some revisions to my play, "Elephants & Other Worldly Dilemmas", I held an invited reading at my acting studio, Matthew Corozine Studio Theatre. It was amazing seeing my play come to life with new actors including Ted Wold, Elya Yerushalmy as Martha, Costa Nicholas as Seth, Rico Rosetti as Fred, Joe Thanner as Sal and yours truly as Crystal. It was an incredible day. A trailer for the show is coming soon!

Pictured here: Elya Yerushalmy as Martha, Costa Nicholas as Seth & Rico Rosetti as Fred.

November 2016

I'm proud to be a part of a new play, "From Silence", by Anne Marilyn Lucas, directed by Peter Zachari and starring Karen Lynn Gorney (yes that's the star of "Saturday Night Fever"!), which will be premiering at Theater for the New City on November 4th. I'll be playing two roles, and one of them has a German accent so get ready folks!! More information can be found here:

October 2016

I'm honored to run the MCS Writers Collective at the Matthew Corozine Studio Theatre. Our mission is to foster a group of emerging writers who are committed to creating and developing original works geared toward live performance. On October 30th, I hosted a 24 hour play marathon for 10 writers and 20 actors in which 10 original scenes were written, rehearsed and performed in a span of 24 hours. Participants had to use a blonde wig and the line "She is such a nasty woman" in their scenes. It was a blast and a good time was had by all!

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