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OFFICIAL SELECTION - Scriptapalooza Television Writing Competition - 2022.png


Two middle-aged women, one transgender, suddenly find themselves with superpowers after consuming a magical bottle of wine. As lifelong friends, and once-upon-a-time lovers, the dynamic duo sets out to help those in need and navigate the shifting dynamic of their complex relationship.


I've always loved procedurals... From my beloved "Bones" to "Castle" or "Rizzoli and Isles"… there's something about a show where a problem is introduced and they SOLVE it, that appeals to my Bachelor-of-Science-in-Accounting mind. However, in the procedurals I just mentioned, something else happens. We meet quirky characters, whose stories and, well—quirks—are as important to the show as the problems they're solving. There’s a human interest factor with these aforementioned shows that plays on my emotions in the most wonderful of ways.


And then there’s my other love… superheroes. No surprise there. I mean, who doesn’t want to be BIGGER than themselves and make the world (even it’s just the smaller world around them) a better place?


Enter She/Hero – where I get to take both of my loves and create a show that is full of quirky characters and lots of problem solving!


Superheroes have traditionally been portrayed by young actors who very often look like super models. But what if said superheroes were NOT so young? And what if their looks were NOT so super? What if they were just two everyday people—like you and me? Wouldn’t it be fun to see what could happen? I think so! (And I hope you do too).


Stay tuned for further developments. Hopefully She/Hero will be headed to a flatscreen in your home soon!

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