on the rocks


Downtown Urban Theater Festival

Cherry Lane Studio Theater, NYC

Hide and seek is fun, but who’s going to find you if the person you are hiding from is yourself?


Two best friends and two strangers collide on one night in NYC. They laugh. They reminisce. They reveal. They love. 


Sometimes it takes finding someone else to help you find yourself again.


on the rocks… Because life is never served neat.


Postcard for our first reading of "you, me & tea" - the one act play!

Artwork by Brigitta Kahn


My first play, on the rocks, was co-written with Mina Radhakrishnan. The play was born in a basement cafeteria (to be exact) on Wall Street, where Mina and I would meet for tea breaks to discuss life, love and everything in between. Somewhere along the line we realized we should write some of these conversations down and thus, the one act play you, me & tea was born.

After a workshop production of you, me & tea in January of 2007, we knew the story was incomplete and began work on a full-length version. you, me & tea was renamed on the rocks and the play has since been produced in New York City as well as San Francisco with Craig Ricks as the director.

on the rocks won the "Best Audience Award" in June of 2008 at the Cherry Lane Studio Theater in New York City as part of the Downtown Urban Theater Festival.

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performance videos

Highlights from the play!

Rehearsal trailer - San Fran production 

Being a best friend isn't always easy... 

A very unique analogy 

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